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If only there were an easy way to illustrate just how much work goes into making an independent web series... Oh, wait, there is!

This video represents ONE WEEKEND of shooting on LFTI Episode 9. No footage was duplicated in the making of this film. Don't forget to watch Episode 9!

Slate Operator: Phoebe Krueger


Read about the making of Episode 1 on our blog. Also listen to some of the music that didn't make it into the show! HERE


Mason -- Robb Padgett
Ashleigh -- Tanya Ihnen
Guy -- Steven Lekowicz
Jennifer -- Corrie Meyers
Lou -- Laura Neufeld

Tom Lent — Doug
Jimmy Bopp — Grocery Delivery Dude
Jeff Charlton — Ira
Susan Carol Davis — Vegan Lady
Steven Rowley — Bluetooth Man
Andrea Westby Toaso —Cheryl
Lauren Bopp — Restaurant Patron
Bobby Pappas — Restaurant Worker

Directed by:
Steven Lekowicz
Tanya Ihnen

Written by:
Steven Rowley
Steven Lekowicz
Robb Padgett

Director of Photography: Zoe Van Brunt

Edited by Robb Padgett

B Camera Operator: Yvonne Chu

Second Unit DP: Robb Padgett

Music by Robb Padgett

Camera Assistant: Phoebe Krueger

Lighting Technicians:
Tony Oberstar
Harold Lacuesta

Boom Operator: Lauren Bopp

Special Thanks to:
Christopher Redmond
Sacred Fools Theatre
George Feucht
Matt Gulley
Jonathan Prucher
Rick and Bette Nowinski
and the Good Neighbor Restaurant

Produced by:
Steven Lekowicz
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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