Episode 6: *some restrictions may apply

There's a dangerous fugitive on the loose in the area. However, with their dating lives on the line and a wedding about to start without the 5th bridesmaid, Ashleigh, Kate, Guy and Jennifer try to talk their way out of the apartment anyway.


Read about the making of Episode 6 on our blog. There was quite the hopla surrounding the release of this specific episode. Relive every exciting moment HERE


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Mason -- Robb Padgett
Ashleigh -- Tanya Ihnen
Kate -- Kathy Harmening
Guy -- Steven Lekowicz
Jennifer -- Corrie Meyers

Mary MacDonald - Officer Caulfield
Joe Nicchi - Lt. Neubauer
Greg Ashamalla - Officer
Sheryl Bernstein - Mom

Directed by - Scott Edwards

Written by - Robb Padgett

Directors of Photography:
Steven R Miles
David Ethan Sanders

Edited by - Jason Richter

Music by - Robb Padgett

Titles by - Adam Franklin

Set Photographer - David Beall

Boom Operators - Rob Korotky & Jason Richter

Produced by:
Kathy Harmening
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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