Episode 7: *do not duplicate

Guy and Jennifer recruit Ashleigh to help sell lemonade in order to raise money to aid blind dogs. Meanwhile, Mason is being dogged by an issue of his own - a thieving jingle writing rival. But what Mason can't see is that his sweet plan to lick his nemesis once and for all could possibly be soured by Kate. ...And I've run out of subtle lemonade and blind dog puns.


Episode 7 Deleted Stuff

Not everything we shot actually made it into episode 7. Weird, I know. Soy cats, bad haircuts and not-so-sexy massages. WATCH

Read about the making of Episode 7 on our blog. Wow! We wrote a lot about this episode. Perhaps because it was the first episode produced in part by Lekowicz? Steve even wrote a "viewers guide." HERE

Save the blind dogs! Are you educated about Jennifer's pet cause? Now you have no excuse. We have some literature for you HERE!


It seems that we're always designing graphics for clothes. Perhaps we should have gone into fashion instead of webseries? ...perhaps not.

Batteries and Credit Cards

Are you looking for some batteries? Ones that dare you to do something stupid? Use this credit card to buy some. *not legal tender. *not actual batteries. Check them out!


How many quarts of "lemonade" does one canaster of Lemon-Tyme make? How much of it is actual lemons? These are the burning questions that you'll have the answers to, once you've read the front and back of the Lemon-Tyme label.

Mason's Musical Palendromes

To trap Dixon into copyright infringement, Mason wrote a bunch of music that's the same forward and backward. If you know how to read music, now you can play the tunes at home! Just don't try to sell them: $1,000,000 Tune. Emporium. Rooster Rooter. Bob's Bouncy Castles. LFTI Vinyards.


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Mason -- Robb Padgett
Ashleigh -- Tanya Ihnen
Kate -- Kathy Harmening
Guy -- Steven Lekowicz
Jennifer -- Corrie Meyers

Freddy Douglas - Dixon Wynn
Steven Rowley - Male Customer
Jennifer Lynn Jones - Female Customer
Stephen William Moore - Sid
Joe Nicchi - Lt. Neubauer
Jimmy Bopp - Grocery Delivery Dude
Vincent Bray - Mailman

Baby Parade:
Maura Redmond
Christopher Redmond
Declan Redmond
Jennifer Lynn Jones
Liam Miller
Andrea Westby Toaso
Margaret Toaso
Laura Neufeld
Sophie Longfellow

Directed by - Robb Padgett

Written by - Steven Rowley

Directors of Photography:
Rob Korotky
Steven Lekowicz
Robb Padgett

Edited by - Robb Padgett

Music by - Robb Padgett

Set Photographer - David Beall

Medical Supplies Provided By:
Elizabeth Abbate

Boom Operators:
Steven Rowley
Jimmy Bopp
Tanya Ihnen

Produced by:
Kathy Harmening
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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