Episode 8 Gag (me with a spoon) Reel

Watch the cast of Life from the Inside bite the big one, like totally to the max!

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Read about the making of Episode 1 on our blog. Also listen to some of the music that didn't make it into the show! HERE


Mason -- Robb Padgett
Ashleigh -- Tanya Ihnen
Guy -- Steven Lekowicz
Jennifer -- Corrie Meyers
Lou -- Laura Neufeld

Stephen Simon — Grand Master/Pawn Pete
Eric Billitzer — Brotha Ice
Lauren Bopp — Long-Haired Girl Neo
Sven Davison — Neo Tim
John Glass — Tempted Neo
Karl Schott — Neo Charles Nelson Reilly
Minerva Schott — Bow-Headed Neo

Written and Directed by Robb Padgett

Directors of Photography:
Andy Neil
Robb Padgett
Steven Lekowicz
Bobby Pappas

Assistant Director:
Corrie Meyers

Edited by Robb Padgett

Music by Robb Padgett

Boom Operators:
Vincent Bray
Lauren Bopp
Karl Schott

Special Thanks to:
Christopher Redmond
Culver City Public Theatre

Produced by:
Steven Lekowicz
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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