Episode 2: *store in a cool dry place

Jennifer "fixes" the heater and toilet, Mason has zipper troubles, Guy and Ashleigh get suckered and Kate takes an eventful nap.


The filming of Episode 2 was not without its small tragedies. Now you can watch one of them! On line for the first time! Oh, the Humanity!

Read about the making of Episode 2 on our blog. HERE

I love my Wolfman Jackson's 50s Nostalgia Soul Food Drive-In. The waitresses wear rollerskates, and if the fall, you get a free shake! Now you can examine the logo for yourself. TRIVIA!: the blue and orange thumb painting was born out of an accident while laying out this logo.

Mmmm... Summer sausage. It isn't just a clever euphamism! At least not as far a Guy is concerned. He bought Summer Sausage, so we created a label. "Now less suggestive!"

Some said we were mad to make a label for a box of tissues that were barely going to be seen in the episode. "Mad!" They shouted! "Oh yeah?!" we said, barely concealing a sly grin, "Well we've got nothing better to do." ...We showed them.


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Robb Padgett - Mason
Tanya Ihnen - Ashleigh
Kathy Harmening - Kate
Steven Lekowicz - Guy
Corrie Meyers - Jennifer

Frank Hundley - Homeless Man
Lisa Zalokar - Mizz Chi the Workout Girl
David Beall - Construction Worker

Directed by - Tanya Ihnen & Kathy Harmening

Written by - Robb Padgett

Director of Photography - Kevin Sage

Camera Operator - Robb Padgett

Edited by - Robb Padgett

Makeup by - Allan Avendaño

Music by - Robb Padgett

Set Photographer - David Beall

Choreographer - Kate Fox

Boom Operator - David Beall


Produced By:
Kathy Harmening
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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