Extra! Episode 7 Deleted Stuff

Guy is befuddled by a "soy cat" and Mason pines over a missed shoulder massage from Jennifer.


Read about the making of Episode 1 on our blog. Also listen to some of the music that didn't make it into the show! HERE


Mason -- Robb Padgett
Ashleigh -- Tanya Ihnen
Kate -- Kathy Harmening
Guy -- Steven Lekowicz
Jennifer -- Corrie Meyers

Freddy Douglas - Dixon Wynn
Steven Rowley - Male Customer
Jennifer Lynn Jones - Female Customer
Stephen William Moore - Sid
Joe Nicchi - Lt. Neubauer
Jimmy Bopp - Grocery Delivery Dude
Vincent Bray - Mailman

Baby Parade:
Maura Redmond
Christopher Redmond
Declan Redmond
Jennifer Lynn Jones
Liam Miller
Andrea Westby Toaso
Margaret Toaso
Laura Neufeld
Sophie Longfellow

Directed by - Robb Padgett

Written by - Steven Rowley

Directors of Photography:
Tanya Ihnen
Rob Korotky
Steven Lekowicz
Robb Padgett

Edited by - Robb Padgett

Music by - Robb Padgett

Set Photographer - David Beall

Medical Supplies Provided By:
Elizabeth Abbate

Boom Operators:
Steven Rowley
Jimmy Bopp
Tanya Ihnen

Produced by:
Kathy Harmening
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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