When a cute new building super moves in, Mason comes up with a smashing plan to woo her, much to the dismay of his friends Ashleigh and Guy. But Mason's romantic prospects soon take a back seat when he learns that his life savings have mysteriously run dry and he is visited by an unwelcomed face from his past.
Jennifer "fixes" the heater and toilet, Mason has zipper troubles, Guy and Ashleigh get suckered and Kate takes an eventful nap.
A reporter from the Lofoten Midnight Sun Times comes to interview Mason about his infamous Sankt Hans Aften Song while Jennifer has a visitor of her own.
Guy buys a motorcycle. Mason plots to stay in his apartment even though it's going to be filled with poisonous gas for the next two days. And while Jennifer, Kate and Ashleigh come up with a plan to get Mason out, they admire Guy's new look. Oh, and Kate has a puppet.
Mason's plan to avoid work and share a sleeping bag with Jennifer goes awry when Kate finds religion, Ashleigh sports a bathrobe, Jennifer waits for poop and Guy embarks on a terrifying journey to have more kissable skin.
There's a dangerous fugitive on the loose in the area. However, with their dating lives on the line and a wedding about to start without the 5th bridesmaid, Ashleigh, Kate, Guy and Jennifer try to talk their way out of the apartment anyway.
Guy and Jennifer recruit Ashleigh to help sell lemonade in order to raise money to aid blind dogs. Meanwhile, Mason is being dogged by an issue of his own - a thieving jingle writing rival. But what Mason can't see is that his sweet plan to lick his nemesis once and for all could possibly be soured by Kate. ...And I've run out of subtle lemonade and blind dog puns.
Where's Kate? ...Maybe Lou will shed some light on things. Presented in 5 parts:

*subject to change
The Distractionation Index
Contractually Obligated
Guy is convinced by the Neo Amish Cult that all technology invented after 1984 is the work of the devil.

Lou's attempt to get Mason's professional life back on track with "Career Time" gets a little stranger than usual with the addition of a Men's Group. Jennifer comes across a bizarre flyer for a one-man show and ropes Ashleigh into strange scavenger hunt for "Mason Jarred". Meanwhile, the story of how Ashleigh, Guy and Mason met may contain the clues Mason needs to conquer his agoraphobia.
Grocery Delivery Dude imparts his grocery packing know-how on Guy.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Beloved holiday classic? Or harrowing tale of organized bullying? Mason has an opinion or two. ...Or three.
The producers of Life From The Inside wish you and yours a Swingin' Christmas and a Hapenin' New Year!
What's this show about, anyway? Well, if you don't know by now...
Guy is befuddled by a "soy cat" and Mason pines over a missed shoulder massage from Jennifer.
Fake Brits, huge children, counterfeit fathers and misunderstandings involving roast beef are nothing compared to what fate has in store for Mason.
Jennifer's relationship with Mason is tested...literally.
Because Mason failed to read his contract closely before signing, he ended up with a new agent. But someone else is about to get much, much more than he bargained for.
Red wine for red meat. White wine for fish. What wine goes best with crazy?
Lou is determined to expand Masons horizons. Or, at the very least, look as if she's determined to expand his horizons.
This time it's not Mason who has a problem with the latent, insidious messages underlying a classic Peanuts holiday cartoon... or is it? This Thanksgiving there's more than one big turkey at Mason's place.
Yuletide craziness from the cast of Life from the Inside. Happy Holidays!
He has the fairest prices on the blvd! Prices so low they could be afforded by a hippie!
Watch the cast of Life from the Inside bite the big one, like totally to the max.!
He has the fairest prices on the blvd! Prices so low they could be afforded by a hippie!
He has the fairest prices on the blvd! Prices so low they could be afforded by a hippie!
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