Lou is determined to expand Masons horizons. Or, at the very least, look as if she's determined to expand his horizons.

Mason's life is turned upside down when his manager Kate leaves to represent his rival. Is his new agent Lou up to the challenge? Or is she just nuts?

Find out in the "Introducing Lou" shorts:

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Contractually Obligated


Read about the making of the music from this short. It's surprisingly pretentious yet erudite. HERE

Read about the making of ALL of the Lou Shorts! What is the "romance of blind dogma" anyway? Find out HERE.


Laura Neufeld - Lou
Robb Padgett - Mason
Corrie Meyers - Jennifer

Written and Directed By:
Robb Padgett

Cinematography By:
Steven Lekowicz

Boom Operator:
Tanya Ihnen

Edit, Titles and Music by:
Robb Padgett

Produced By:
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett
Steven Lekowicz

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