Episode 1: *do not attempt

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When a cute new building super moves in, Mason comes up with a smashing plan to woo her, much to the dismay of his friends Ashleigh and Guy. But Mason's romantic prospects soon take a back seat when he learns that his life savings have mysteriously run dry and he is visited by an unwelcomed face from his past.


Read about the making of Episode 1 on our blog. Also listen to some of the music that didn't make it into the show! HERE

TAM Cartoon

This cartoon hangs next to Mason's refrigerator. Now you can read it without having to freeze frame the video and squint as hard as you can! This cartoon is what Robb did before LFTI. Old! See more HERE.

Jerk Yourself Thin

Kate's get-rich-quick beef jerky weight-loss plan had a few... issues. Now you can read the package for yourself. See if you can spot the problem.


Would you like to scrutinize Mason's artistic taste? Now you can. Take a look at a couple of the paintings Mason has hanging on his wall.

Food Labels

From artichoke hearts to strawberry preserves. Examine what Mason puts in his mouth. And on his driveway.


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Robb Padgett - Mason
Tanya Ihnen - Ashleigh
Kathy Harmening - Kate
Steven Lekowicz - Guy
Corrie Meyers - Jennifer

Vincent Bray - Mailman
Jimmy Bopp - Grocery Delivery Dude
David Beall - Construction Worker

Written, Directed and Edited by - Robb Padgett

Director of Photography - Adam Hodge

Makeup by - Allan Avendaño

Music by - Robb Padgett

Set Photographer - David Beall

Boom Operator - Vincent Bray
Asst. Boom Operator - Lauren Cole

Produced By:
Kathy Harmening
Tanya Ihnen
Robb Padgett

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